I have had the pleasure to experience many different aspects of food and its role in our lives... The obvious is that I have eaten it. As a chef, I get to cook and play with it. I have also enjoyed cultivating and harvesting it. Furthermore, I have learned a great deal about many healing benefits that different foods offer us. The greatest joy for me, however, is the role that food plays in our lives, socially and culturally.

Outside Food is one of the most basic elements that we need in our lives, and this is something that will always be a commonality for us no matter where we come from. For this, we can't deny that it is a special gift that brings us as a people together. So hey, why not enjoy that? For anyone who has had the experience, will know that the best meal to be had is not only delicious, but is also one that is lovingly shared with warm company. (Let's have more of that!) And this project is all about how we can bring more people together to enjoy food in all of its forms and colours. Needless to say, I am more than open to any suggestions you may have to make this happen :)

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